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Transformer Field Service Engineer, Qatar

Closing on: Jul 5, 2024

Job Summary: The successful candidate will be responsible for performing preventive and corrective maintenance on power transformers, ensuring their optimal performance and reliability. This role involves extensive travel to various locations and working in diverse environments.

Key Responsibilities:

Preventive Maintenance:

• Conduct routine inspections and maintenance of power transformers to ensure they are     operating efficiently (checks on OLTC , OTI, WTI, PRV, Buchholz and OSR.)

• Perform oil sampling and analysis, thermal imaging, and other diagnostic tests to identify potential issues.

• Implement maintenance schedules and procedures to minimize downtime and extend transformer lifespan.

Corrective Maintenance:

• Diagnose and troubleshoot transformer faults and failures.

• Repair or replace defective transformer components and systems in a timely manner.

• Ensure all repairs comply with industry standards and manufacturer specifications. 

• Information about the Gaskets used in Transformer.

Testing and Diagnostics:

Perform electrical tests as below,

1. Transformer turns ratio test on all taps.

2. Winding resistance test

3. Excitation current Test

4. % S.C Impedance Test

5. Insultation Resistance and PI of winding

6. IR test of magnetic circuit / Core insulation

7. Measurement of Capacitance and Tan Delta of winding & Bushings

8. Test on CTs


10. DFRA

• Analyze test results to identify and address underlying problems.

• Utilize advanced diagnostic tools and software to monitor transformer health.

Preferred Qualifications:

• Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or a related field.

• Certification in transformer maintenance or related fields.

• Experience with advanced diagnostic tools and software.

• Familiarity with international standards (e.g., IEC, IEEE).

Job Category: ENGINEER
Job Type: Contract Duration: 1 year
Job Location: Qatar

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